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    Technical performance

    Member Unit of National Low-Voltage Electrical Apparatus Standardization Technical Committee Member unit of the Domestic Circuit Breaker and Similar Equipment Sub-Technical Committee of the National Low-Voltage Apparatus Standardization Technical Committee Vice-chairman unit of the National Low-voltage Equipment Insulation Coordination Standardization Technical Committee Member unit of the DC Power Equipment Standardization Technical Committee of the Power Industry Participated in the compilation of 7 national standards, 3 industry standards, and 1 group standard National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, Beijing Patent Demonstration Unit So far, the group has authorized 245 patents: 82 invention patents, 116 utility models, 18 appearance patents, and 31 PCT patents. From 2019 to 2020 till now, the group has declared 131 patents: 84 invention patents, 43 utility model patents, 2 appearance patents, and 2 PCT patents 8%-10% of annual sales revenue is invested in new product development